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Tools of the Trade: The Equestrian

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I can't hide my love for Skillshare! I created this illustration for Tom Froese's Class Inky Illustrations: Combining Analogue and Digital Media, a fantastic tutorial on his methods for creating texture in digital work. The assignment was to illustrate a set of tools or objects that tell a story about a profession or hobby. The textures were created manually using ink, paint, and charcoal and then scanned in and applied to the drawing to create depth and visual interest in the piece. 

Happy Halloween!

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My pumpkin this year was a bit challenging. Once I started carving I realized how structurally weak this was going to make it. But it lasted for a little bit (and at least for a few pictures) before it started to collapse. Good thing I waited until Halloween to carve it!

A Patterned Pumpkin Tradition

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It's October and officially my favorite month of the year. This means scary movies (and lots of them), trick-or-treaters, hot cider, eating too much candy and last but not leastβ€”pumpkin carving. It's become a little tradition of mine to carve a patterned jack-o-lantern to celebrate my love of the holiday and to satisfy my need to work on something overly complex. Here are a few of my pumpkins of Halloweens past! Can you guess which scary film inspired the first one?


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A recent illustration of a lemur I made for a skillshare class taught by DKNG Studios. I love learning the techniques and processes of other illustrators and designers through courses like this. The assignment was to draw an animal using basic shapes and make visual connections through the geometry.